Mercy (2015) acrylic on linen, 30cm x 40cm


The quality of mercy is not strain’d.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

When sleeping women wake, mountains move!

Veil and Veil II

It was synchronicity – even as an exhibiting artist I could hardly believe that the images I conceived of and created years ago as personal reflections, part of a period of internal questioning, followed so closely upon the public conversations flowing out of the lecture hall on that day in June.  1000 Nedas, Black and White (both 2009), Veil (2010) and Veil II (2011) all connect with the theme of historically unquestioned interference with the rights and ordinary lives of women.

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KAOS in the Market


KAOS is back with another local exhibition and art sale for two weeks in the Market House, Kingston – so look out for those big purple banners!   Again this time there will be a children’s art competition and a public artwork made of recycled materials – by public I mean, anyone off the street can add to it.  I’ll also be there with some of my latest work: mixed media and water-colour  abstract landscapes – and the “Cornell” boxes.  The exhibition will be on from Sept 24 – Oct 6 from 10-5pm every day.

Something new

Shadow Box 1

I’ve been working on something new based on something old. I was inspired long ago by the “shadow boxes” of American artist Joseph Cornell (1903-1972).  In my student days, I made several such boxes out of scraps of wood, card, discarded parts of architectural models and small objects – unseen internal parts, usually, of everyday machines – cloaked with paint and redefined by placing them with unrelated others.  It was part artistic recreation, a break from the more regimented creating which is architectural training, and partly it was out of a desire to collect those stray, unloved yet beautiful scraps, and unite them into compositions of their own, into small sanctuaries for unappreciated material. Continue reading